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Friday, January 11, 2013



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Those who think they have no time for Detoxifying their body for optimal health will sooner or later have to find time for TOXIC ILLNESS!!!

We have so much information we now have 3 more websites to view. and . For more information check out our new websites. Just click on the links and it will take you to our other websites. Thanks for your interest in our websites and products.

Joyce Palmer is the Pioneer of the first pH balanced,Organic Chlorine Stabilized Oxygen with Organic Sea Salt, with 92 Mon atomic (which means one atom minerals) Minerals from  Ancient Lithium hot springs water and cold spring waters in the world! She became the pioneer of Organic Chlorine in the world in December 1988. 

This statement is to inform our clients that we lost our Vital Ion domain name in October,2009 and now a company who bought our domain is now representing their site to be our site. Don't be fooled we are the first in the world to have the name VITAL ION EDIBLE OXYGEN and we shortened it to Vital Ion for faster loading of our site and lost it by trusting the wrong person. Many people are using our name VITAL ION EDIBLE OXYGEN but please call us as we only have one company that is marketing our product. We will give you their name when you call us at ,

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Read the testimony's of these two clients who were scheduled to have their
legs amputated and how they were able to save their legs and repair them with Vital Ion Edible Oxygen. Go to the TESTIMONIALS page and read their testimonies.





We have placed some of our satisfied clients testimonials here to give you some information on the different TOXIC ENVIRONMENTS that some of them live and work in that has affected their health at a young age. Some of the most TOXIC ENVIRONMENTS are working in mines that use various chemicals for the leaching process of Gold,Copper and many other minerals. Some mines use  many different chemicals such as the deadly cyanide. Just being around the chemicals will affect you by breathing the chemicals as the sun will  evaporate them into the air that you breathe on a daily basis. Remember the Erin Brockovich movie and how the chemicals in the water killed many people. Chronic long term illness is caused by a high acid condition at the cell level and it builds up every year until you have a chronic condition such as Cancer. Take a look at the community that you live in and determine if you are in danger of Chemical & Heavy Metal toxicity in the air you breathe and the water that you drink. We were impressed to make this information made known to all who visit our web site as we discovered that Butte Montana has the most TOXIC MINE WASTE WATER in the country and every man, woman and child is subject to the high acid condition of the sulfuric acid evaporating into the air at a pH of 2.8 which everyone is breathing every day. Check the cancer rate and other health conditions that prevail in your community and find out the danger that you and your family are in.Our products are guaranteed to detoxify you of chemicals, heavy metals and parasites for better health. Do your research on the web to find out the dangers of theTOXIC ENVIRONMENT of chemical and heavy metals that are out there and remember that toxicity comes in many forms such as the smog in Los Angeles.  



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Please call if you have any concerns about placing an order on the Internet. We are a secure web site as we use only  Paypal credit processing  You can set up your own Paypal account and you can pay for your product with your email address only. Go to and set up an account and pay for all your Internet products without giving out your credit card information information.You can mail a check or money order when you call  to get the address for your order.



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DISCLAIMER: All of the product information on this entire website is for the sole purpose of educational information and has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician for all of your health problems. Our products are recommended for the sole purpose of individuals doing their own research by detoxifying the body of heavy metals, chemicals, and parasites. 
© Vital Ion Edible Oxygen 1993-2012. All rights reserved. This Web Site was designed by Joyce Palmer. None of the information or any of the graphics or pictures can be used without the written permission of Joyce Palmer.



We offer you the opportunity to finance your Detoxifying program to improve your health with our Bill Me Later Pay Pal Plan! You can take up to 6 month's to pay for any order of $99.00 or more. Just go to our Shopping Cart and select your order and check out and select the Bill Me Later plan and that's all you need to do.


Those who think they have no time for Detoxifying your body for optimal health will sooner or later have to find time for TOXICITY ILLNESS!!!


Before and After Pictures!

 This is a picture of one of the many uses of Vital Ion Edible Oxygen. This is a foot detoxifying programs that we recommend for detoxifying the body of heavy metal's, chemicals & parasites. Notice how clear the water is in the ionic foot spa treatment.

This is a picture of the treatment 20 minutes into the 40 minute process. Notice the color of the water which represents the high content of heavy metal.

 This is a picture of the results after 40 minutes of the Vital Ion Edible Oxygen ionic foot spa detoxifying protocol. Check our Detox Program's page to learn more about many other detoxifying program's.Read his Testimony.

Brief User Testimonials
For more, view our Testimonial  page.

I was diagnosed at the young age of 9 years old with manic depression also know as being bipolar. Most of  my life has been very difficult for me in many aspects from my marriage to my jobs. I refused the drugs prescribed for my condition as I had severe side effects. I searched for a natural solution and I found the Vital Ion Edible Oxygen suggested by one of my friends that suffered with the same health problems that I have. I started on the Sleep & Stress formula which has a high concentration of natural lithium from spring water that is in the Sleep & Stress formula. From the first day that I started using the Vital Ion products I felt like a new person. My emotions are completely in control and I no longer have the depression bouts that I have suffered with all my life. Vital Ion Sleep & Stress formula was an answer to my prayers to live a quality life. Thank you Joyce Palmer for your incredible products. I use both the Daytime High Energy formula as well as the Sleep & Stress formula. I highly recommend your products.
Debbie S.
Price, Utah

 We recommend our Serene Energy Formula for Bipolar conditions. Call our toll free number to order this formula as it is not listed on our Shopping Cart yet. Call our toll free number to request this product in your order.

Oxygen Is The Health Wave Of The Future! 
Catch Our Wave And Oxygenate Your Body At The Cell Level With Vital Ion Edible Oxygen!

 Zilan Merril,Mesa, Arizona

Go to the Testimonial page to read how Zilan was able to get out of her wheelchair in 6 days  of taking Vital Ion Edible Oxygen only 6 times a day.

This woman has a tumor on her neck that she was able to take control of it instead of having Chemotherapy and Radiation for her cancer. It took only 11 days for the tumor to fall out. Read her story on the Testimony Page at 

Read how this man saved his leg from being amputated after using VITAL ION EDIBLE OXYGEN Protocol as one of Joyce's research clients. The gentleman had this dead leg for 28 years before meeting Joyce at a health food store in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1994. 

The first picture was taken before Joyce met this gentleman and the second picture was on the 21st day after doing the Vital Ion Edible Oxygen Protocol and this man walked three miles without pain as he had massive bone spurs on the bottom of his feet for 28 years and walking was very painful for him.

All the information on this website is for the sole purpose of education and not given to treat Disease. Always consult your Doctor for all health problems.

 The picture above is the actual color of this woman's leg when Joyce  took her as one of her research clients. We have the actual video of this woman's first soaking of her leg in the Vital Ion Edible Oxygen. We will be adding it to our site in the near future.

 This picture was taken just 2 hours after
soaking her leg in the Vital Ion Edible Oxygen. Go to the Testimonial Page to read her story. at

DISCLAIMER: All of the product information on this entire website is for the sole purpose of educational information and has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician for all of your health problems. Our products are recommended for the sole purpose of individuals doing their own research by detoxifying the body of heavy metals, chemicals, and parasites. Prices are subject to change with current product costs and inflation rates.

For More Information about Vital Ion Edible Oxygen call M-F 9:00 am- 9:00 pm. MST. You may leave a message on Saturday & Sunday  and we will call you back. If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them for you! We ship your orders every day if you order before 3:00 pm every day. We use USPS Priority mail and you get your product within 3 days!

CALL US TODAY AT 1-888-795-3947

© Vital Ion Edible Oxygen TM. 1993-2013. All rights reserved. This Web Site was designed by Joyce Palmer. None of information or graphics or pictures can be used without the written permission of Joyce Palmer.


The Body's Need for Stabilized Oxygen for Better Health!

Dr Otto Warburg determined in his Oxygen research that disease cannot live in an Oxygen environment and he won a Medical Nobel Prize for his work. You can trace every sickness and every ailment to an oxygen and mineral deficiency, Dr. Linus Pauling. 

Vital Ion Edible Oxygen is the first pH balanced, Monatomic Mineralized Oxygen that is stabilized by Organic Chlorine in the world. It was developed by Joyce Palmer through DIVINE INSPIRATION and she became the pioneer of Organic Chlorine in December, 1988 through her research in Metallurgy.

Ingredients of Vital Ion Edible Oxygen

Natural Spring Waters, Lithium Hot Springs Water, Stabilized Oxygen, Organic Sodium, Organic Chlorine, with a combination of 92 Monatomic Minerals.  Monatomic means one atom which makes all of our 92 minerals bio available immediately!


Sodium is only beneficial to our bodies, when it is organic and balanced. Essential for the production of saliva for proper digestion of all carbohydrate food, keeps calcium in the body, prevents arthritis, thickening of blood, hardening of the arteries and excess mucus. Main constituent of lymphatic system, assists in elimination of carbon dioxide, waste from lungs, promotes pliable joints, essential to liver, pancreas and spleen, with potassium works to control substances in and out of each cell. Note When sodium is inorganic (table salt with the anti-caking chemicals, (read the label of products such as Morton Salt for the toxic chemicals) it is harmful to kidneys and it causes high blood pressure.   Chlorine is a natural stabilizer; therefore, the oxygen molecules in Vital Ion Edible Oxygen remain stable due to its unique formulation of Organic Chlorine. 


Public health policy should be guided only by proven facts. Current scientific research reveals that there are actually very few salt-related health problems.

A healthy and active lifestyle demands a sufficient-through reasonable salt intake. The current medical dictate; "that our body can function on no salt at all or on a restricted ration of salt" causes more problems than it tries to solve! If the truth was generally known, the correct information about salt is that the processed table salt such as Morton Salt, the one found in most homes is toxic because of the anti-caking chemicals. Read your labels before buying any foods such as salt. Read the labels of the Organic Sea Salts as you will not find any chemicals added and they are the best to put into your bodies.

Life is closely dependent upon the presence of sodium. However, to clearly understand the role of sodium in biology, we should always view it along with the role of water and the various ions of chlorine, potassium, calcium, hydrogen, etc. That is why it is more important to study the co-activity of sodium WITH these other ions, rather than the sodium element alone.

Sodium, in the form of sodium chloride, plays an important part in the primary processes of digestion and absorption. Salt activates the first enzyme in the mouth, salivary amylase. At this stage sodium exposes food to the taste buds - a reason why food has always has been salted "to taste" - it also helps start the digestion by breaking down food. In the parietal cells of the most important of all digestive secretions.

If potassium is in excess in relation to sodium, the body's enzyme pathway loses its ability to produce hydrochloric acid. Thus most diets, but especially vegetarian and grain diets, require slightly more salt in order to prevent an excess of potassium over sodium. With salt present, the acidity of the partially digested food is able to trigger off some needed natural sodium bicarbonate, derived from the supply of sodium chloride, as well as enzymatic and bile secretions from the gallbladder and pancreatic ducts. Without salt no digestion is possible.

In illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, Addison's disease, kidney or gastrointestinal disorders, or any time there has been surgery or other significant fluid losses triggered, the requirement for an abundant supply of salt is vital for survival. A certain amount of extra salt ration at that crucial time has often been a factor that has saved lives.


The research of Dr. John H. Laragh, MD., At the Hypertension Center of the New York-Cornell Medical Center shows that the High Blood Pressure (HBP) problem lies not in salt intake but in an overactive hormone system. When this system is overactive, i.e., high rennin levels, body salt content is usually excessively reduced and thus salt starvation could occur if the patient is put on a low salt diet. On the other hand, low rennin levels, which occur only in a third of hypertensive people, actually reveal a sodium excess. Only patients in the latter group should lower their sodium intake.


Ferro cyanide, yellow prussiate of soda, tri-calcium phosphate, alumina-calcium- are al anti-caking agents whose role is to prevent the salt from mixing with water, in the box or within the human body. These are chemicals that cause cellular aggregation, thick toxic blood that is difficult to travel through the circulatory system which can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.


Organic chlorine is essential for the production of vital gastric juices aiding digestion, regulates heart action and normalizes blood pressure, expels waste, purifies and disinfects, fights germs and bacteria, assists liver, rejuvenates all body's skin tissue, helps regulate acid and alkaline balance of blood and hormone distribution. Our products increases the Human growth Hormone production giving you great skin with new collagen which will diminish wrinkles, increases hormone production in both men and women. Check out the Product Information page for wrinkle repair with the use of Vital Ion Edible Oxygen. 

You can check the organic chlorine of natural hot springs with potassium iodide paper that you can buy at a chemical supply store such as those that schools use for their chemical classes. Our Lithium ancient hot springs water has 10 ppm of organic chlorine in it and we use it to make our Sleep & Stress formula.
Some therapeutic uses for Organic Chlorine include swollen glands, skin itch and rashes, intestinal colic, sluggish liver, pyorrhea, swollen glands, mouth sores, & acne. Principle sources of organic chlorine include: Vital Ion Edible Oxygen, fish, raw goats milk, raw cheeses, sardines, and rye flour. Learn to love organic chlorine as it stabilizes oxygen at the cellular level, where disease and illness begins and ends. 

Lithium: The Miracle Mineral

Why is lithium a "miracle" nutrient? It protects cells from damage, encourages them to grow and repair, lifts the mood, and protects the brain from strokes and even aging. And it actually reverses the age-related brain shrinkage (or "cerebral atrophy") that most of us will experience as we get older. Our bodies and brains can't function without lithium. It’s a familiar molecule, at home in our bodies. Bipolar conditions are greatly controlled by our Natural Lithium found in our Sleep & Stress Formula.

But let's start back at the beginning, and I do mean the beginning: that colossal explosion known as the "Big Bang" that gave birth to our universe. Within the first second, as the incredibly hot, rapidly expanding liquid plasma started to cool down, the elements hydrogen (atomic weight 1) and helium (atomic weight 2) emerged. A few nanoseconds later the next element, lithium (Atomic weight 3) was generated. Lithium, the first mineral, and the simplest and lightest metal, will float on water. Lithium, it turns out, is an essential mineral, necessary for human survival. And since us as humans can't make lithium ourselves, we must get it from our food and water. Vital Ion Edible Oxygen proudly offers our Sleep & Stress formula which is processed from ancient Indian Healing hot springs water with high concentrations of organic lithium.

Our brain cells are under more or less continuous assault from free radicals, toxins, pollutants, chemicals, heavy metals and parasites as well as other damaging substances. Lithium actually protects us from this damage. And for those nerve cells that have already been damaged, this mineral promotes regeneration. The source of the damage doesn't seem to matter: lithium appears to protect nerve cells from just about every substance known to harm brain cells. Researchers have devised a variety of challenges to healthy brain tissue and lithium protects against them all.  For example, pre-administration of lithium has been shown to protect against the adverse effects of stroke in experimental animals. (I do not condone this kind of experimentation, however. It is not necessary to abuse animals to obtain this kind of information.)

Going beyond damage control, lithium also stimulates the growth and regeneration of nerve cells. As we get older, our brains shrink, a phenomenon known as cerebral atrophy. Possibly the most remarkable effect of lithium is to reverse this shrinkage, restoring brains to their original size within weeks.

Optimizing lithium availability in large populations would be expected to translate into generally improved human behavior. So it should come as no surprise that researchers who examined the lithium content of water supplies found that the incidence of robbery, rape, homicide, suicide, violent crime, and drug use was significantly lower in counties whose water supplies contained optimum lithium levels as compared with counties whose water contained no lithium.

A recent study published in The Lance Journal demonstrated that lithium reverses brain atrophy--i.e., it increases the amount grey matter in older people whose brains have shrunk with age. (Most of us will begin to experience this by the time we are 50 or 60.) How lithium accomplishes this reversal is not fully understood, but it's related to lithium's ability to increase levels of several brain chemicals that protect and stimulate the regeneration of nerve cell.

Lithium's mood stabilizing effects are well known. High dose lithium has been used for over 35 years in the treatment of bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder, and the metal is considered one of the most effective medications for this conditions. Now researchers are finding that low dose lithium (using the natural approach, whereby lithium is utilized as an essential nutrient rather than as a drug) has also been shown to have mood stabilizing effects. It accomplishes this by enhancing nerve health, rather than poisoning or altering normal function.

An especially encouraging aspect to lithium therapy is its apparent ability to discourage the progression of several chronic neuro-degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Huntington's, and tauopathies.

Fibromyalgia patients appear to improve when they are given lithium. We recommend our Sleep & Stress formula as it has natural Lithium from a natural Lithium Healing Springs used by the Indian tribes for thousands of years. Hyperthyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid becomes overactive, is also known as Graves’ disease. Mayo Clinic researchers first reported in 1972 that lithium reversed Graves’ disease. Since then, at least ten additional studies have substantiated those initial findings. How does it work? There is still much to be learned about the exact mechanisms for lithium's neuro-regenerative and neuro-protective effects, but at least one fact is clear, the effects are not drug-like, they're natural. Since lithium is an essential nutrient, it can be used like any other vitamin or essential mineral. We do know that lithium up-regulates (enhances the production of) a number of "cell survival molecules," chemicals that enhance nerve cell health. For those of us who want to protect our brains from damage, and keep them functioning optimally, I recommend that you do a Brain Detox using the Sleep & Stress protocol that we have researched with many neurological dis-orders. We give the Brain Detox protocol when you place an order for our products. Our lithium formula is from an ancient Indian lithium healing hot springs with an abundance of lithium and many other healing minerals. Most people think of lithium as a prescription drug but it is one of the most needed mineral for emotional health as well as bone regeneration in its natural elemental state as found in many hot springs and water supplies.

The pH Balance at the Cell Level!

Our products will help to balance the pH of the body and detoxify the body of heavy metals, chemicals and parasites. Vital Ion Edible Oxygen will build a strong mineral base of 92 monatomic minerals as well as stabilized oxygen at the cell level where health and disease starts and ends at the cell level and detoxify the body and bring the body to a pH balance.
Parasites will not thrive in a pH neutral of 7-7.4 environment.

Your body fluids and tissue are made up of positively charged ions (acid-forming) and negatively charged ions (alkaline-forming). The ratio between these two is your pH (potential for Hydrogen) factor. Your pH is measured on a scale of 1 to 14, with pH 7 being neutral. 
To maintain good health, your body constantly works to keep a slightly alkaline pH of 7-7.4. This often requires tapping into alkaline reserves found in your bones to offset the highly acidic average American diet. When your body is acidic it becomes vulnerable to serious long term health problems. 


Listed are, smoking, drinking, and mental stress, and extreme physical exertion, long term chronic illness, eating and drinking dead processed foods. You can quickly check a label or booklet for the caloric or fat content of a food. However, what about its acidity? It’s important to know that carbonated soft drinks and acidic foods like meat, acid grains and cheese raise your body’s acid pH. Alkaline foods like vegetables, fruits and certain nuts and alkaline grains help lower it. 

Are you balanced? Your body’s pH balance is important to your health. But what is pH? And why is balancing it so important? To maintain good health, your body constantly works to keep a slightly alkaline pH.

Alkaline minerals help support neutralizing acid, safely and effectively. It's a great way to a balanced, healthy ph. Vital Ion Edible Oxygen helps the body to reach a pH balance during the cleansing period and can maintain a pH balance during the maintenance program by taking it every day. Remember, A Clean Toxicity Free Body is a Healthy Body!

DISCLAIMER: All of the product information on this entire website is for the sole purpose of educational information and has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician for all of your health problems. Our products are recommended for the sole purpose of individuals doing their own research by detoxifying the body of heavy metals, chemicals, and parasites. 

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© Vital Ion Edible Oxygen 1993-2013. All rights reserved. This Web Site was designed by Joyce Palmer. None of the information or any graphics or pictures can be used without the written permission of Joyce Palmer.